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Exclusive Interview: Ben Affleck and Carrie Coon talk Gone Girl!


Gone Girl Ben Affleck Interview Carrie Coon David Fincher Exclusive

In David Fincher's captivating new thriller GONE GIRL, Ben Affleck and Carrie Coon play twins Nick and Margo Dunne, and a more believable brother-sister relationship is rarely executed on screen. They bicker, they console, they forgive; Affleck and Coon's chemistry brings some much needed humanity into a film where cynicism, deceit and manipulation run rampant. (Although those aspects of it are much fun, of course.) The fact that one is an A-list movie star and the other is essentially a complete unknown doesn't matter when they're trading barbs in the film; they're equally matched in every way.

Affleck you know, and the two-time Oscar winner gives what may be his best performance as the tormented, and slightly suspicious, Nick, a man accused of making his wife disappear. But Coon is a revelation; in her first feature film, the actress best known for her work on the stage and, more recently, small screen (she's a regular on HBO's "The Leftovers") steals most of her scenes as the sardonic Margo. It's a safe bet most people will leave the film wondering just who that was playing Nick's sister, and where they can see more of her.

I sat down with Affleck and Coon to talk about that special dynamic between them, working with David Fincher (with his 40 takes per-scene) and dealing with the media circus, in the film and in life.




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