Exclusive Interview: Into The Storm Stars Kyle Davis and Jon Reep!

Jon Reep and Kyle Davis portray a couple of good ole’ boys who are trying to find YouTube fame in their latest feature INTO THE STORM. Both actors are so damn good as Reevis and Donk that it is almost shocking to realize they are nothing like their on-screen personas. The characters are the type of guys who you can easily find trying whatever they can to get a little attention, and both Reep and Davis capture these colorful personalities perfectly.

When I sat down with Mr. Reep and Mr. Davis, the first thing that came up is how much research went into finding the essence of Reevis and Donk. They chatted about the number of videos they sat through and it seems they did a damn fine job with it. And happily, they are far more grounded and pretty much two of the nicest guys around. And if you happen to live in the San Fernando Valley, they are opening up a bar in Sherman Oaks called The One Up which is opening up September 19th – I’ll be there for sure. If you’d like to check out these two fine gents in their latest, INTO THE STORM opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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