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Exclusive Interview: Rosamund Pike and author Gillian Flynn talk Gone Girl!


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As a big fan of GONE GIRL the book, I was very eager to meet Gillian Flynn, the author who crafted the complicated, gripping yarn. As a big fan of GONE GIRL the movie, I was eager to meet Rosamund Pike, the British born actress who tackles the complex lead role of Amy Dunne, whose disappearance from her home sets in motion a plot that whips this way and that until you're left feeling simultaneously worn out and invigorated. So what a pleasure it was to see the two lovely ladies sitting next to each other in the same place: Amy and her creator.

GONE GIRL is not an easy topic to talk about without spoiling its secrets, but here the three of us give it a go. I spoke to Pike about wrapping her head around the enigma that is Amy Dunne, was well as what information she sought out from the author herself. Meanwhile, I asked Flynn, who also penned the screenplay, about the surreality of seeing her words come to life on the big screen and working with director David Fincher.

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