Exclusive Interview: Trust Me Stars Clark Gregg and Saxon Sharbino!

In TRUST ME, the very talented Clark Gregg explores a darker – yet very funny – side of Hollywood. In the film – which he serves as writer, director and star – he plays a one-time child actor who became a slightly sleazy agent for up-and-coming performers. When he discovers a young girl with a ton of talent, he quickly attempts to take her on as a client. The relationship becomes complicated once she is up for the coveted role in a much anticipated franchise.

When I sat down with both Gregg and his impressive young leading lady Saxon Sharbino we discussed the darkly humorous tale. While he continues to impress with every project he takes on, it was the incredibly talented Sharbino that really surprised. Not only is she incredible in the film, she is also one of the most mature and charmingly fresh faced actresses I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Together, the pair made for a fun and enlightening interview.

You can check out TRUST ME currently on VOD platforms and iTunes, and you can catch the film this Friday in limited release.

Source: JoBlo.com



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