Exclusive: Jessica Alba kicks ass in this red band Machete clip!!

MACHETE is chopping its way into theaters this weekend and while all the commercials in the world can help you get excited for it, nothing will get you pumped up quite like a little R-rated blood. We've seen a few clips from the film so far but we have an exclusive new clip from the film that's a great example of what you can expect when MACHETE really gets going. It starts off with Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo in a post-coital embrace and suddenly erupts into a flurry of violence. Next thing you know Machete is kicking ass and his lady friend is, surprisingly, kicking even more ass.

As mentioned before, this is a restricted clip so we can't embed it here. You'll have to click the teaser image below (which should give you a decent idea what you're in for) to head to JoBlo Video and our age gate. MACHETE hits theaters this Friday and stay tuned later this week for exclusive interviews with the cast!

Click here to see an exclusive red-band clip from MACHETE!

Source: JoBlo.com



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