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Exclusive: Make your guy friends jealous with this Flock of Dudes clip


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Last week saw the release of the first trailer for FLOCK OF DUDES, which follows Adam (Chris D'Elia), a thirty something who lives a ridiculous lifestyle with his three life-long friends. After a series of unfortunate events, Adam decides it's time to grow up by "breaking up" with his friends. Get a glimpse of the awkward with this exclusive, uncensored clip!

When the trailer broke last week, I actually felt that FLOCK OF DUDES had potential. Judging from this clip, I'd say the movie is on the right path. It may not be a completely new premise (a touch of I LOVE YOU, MAN in there) but I think it works well enough and is pretty funny. Definitely a flick I'm going to keep an eye on if it's playing in my area.

FLOCK OF DUDES opens in select theaters and iTunes this Friday.

Source: JoBlo



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