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Exclusive: New poster from Robert Rodriguez's Machete!


I've been excited for MACHETE ever since that Cinco de Mayo trailer "leaked" on the web. We'll get an official trailer this Friday with PREDATORS but until then, we've got TWO new pieces of exclusive art from the film to share with you today!

First up is a brand new character banner from the film featuring Michelle Rodriguez as Shé, Machete's right-hand woman. She's a taco stand worker who happens to know her way around automatic weapons. And she's smokin hot. Check out the poster below!

Next up we have a so-called lobby card, which gives us an official look at Robert De Niro as the nefarious Senator McLaughlin. He's trying to ship illegal immigrants out of the country and that doesn't make Machete very happy at all.

All in all, it looks like great grindhouse-style fun from Rodriguez. MACHETE hits theaters on September 3 and keep your eyes peeled for the trailer!

Source: JoBlo.com



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