Exclusive: Red-band clip from Cost of a Soul!

I'll be perfectly honest with you - I didn't know much about COST OF A SOUL a few weeks ago but once I found out about it, it's a pretty cool story.

Back in August of last year, director Sean Kirkpatrick entered the Rogue Pictures/AMC Theaters "Big Break Movie Contest." The contest would allow for one film to get the full marketing treatment (posters, trailers, etc.) and a major theatrical release in AMC Theaters via Relativity. A lot of times you hear about projects like these and the winner mostly gets swept under the rug, but Kirkpatrick's film, COST OF A SOUL impressed the judges (which included actress Kate Bosworth, Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and JoBlo.com gadfly JimmyO) and Relativity is releasing the film nationwide on May 20th.

The film follows two war veterans who take distinctly different paths when they return home to Philadelphia. One goes home to find his brother has become the neighborhood kingpin. Their relationship is at the heart of this exclusive new clip from the film (which could be NSFW if frequent cursing upsets your boss). Check it out below and if COST OF A SOUL opens near you (click here for locations), make sure to check it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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