Exclusive: Scott Pilgrim gets a brand new remix! What??

Over the past few days, I'm sure you've noticed something pretty cool Edgar Wright and Universal have been up to for SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. They commissioned DJ Osymoso to spin footage and music from the movie into seven (hey, like the number of evil exes!...) remix clips. They began rolling out last week in anticipation of Comic-Con and today, not-so-coincidentally the release date of "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour," the final installment is here.

In "Scott Pilgrim" the biggest, baddest and most powerful of 7 was saved for the very end. And while Scott will have to do battle with Gideon Graves himself, we're super excited to bring you the seventh and final SCOTT PILGRIM remix clip, which proves the old adage that sometimes the best should be saved for last.

Music in the the various remix clips varies (previous pieces included music from Nigel Godrich and Beck) and the 7th clip, titled "WHAT?," features Osymyso's mix of Metric's "Black Sheep" (click here to listen to the original version, which is included on the film's soundtrack).

Click below to watch the exclusive SCOTT PILGRIM remix clip "WHAT?" and we're also excited to provide an awesome power-up - the video is also available in 720p HD! Below the clip, you'll also find links to the previous six pieces that premiered at Empire, UGO, Moviefone, Hitfix, Metacafe and Coming Soon over the past six days.

Click here to watch the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD remix clip "WHAT?" in HD!

Remix #1 - "Prepare" Remix #2 - "Hey"
Remix #3 - "Love" Remix #4 - "Ramona"
Remix #5 - "Fight!" Remix #6 - "Yeah"

With this, we leave you fully prepared for the epic "Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con" throwdown that begins in San Diego tomorrow. For all the latest SCOTT PILGRIM at Comic-Con details including news, updates and contests, you must follow the official "Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con Twitter feed. I've heard there are some...surprises...in store and that's best way to stay on top of the situation.

Visit the official SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD site!

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