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Exclusive: The final Expendables poster is here!


A few weeks ago, Mike Sampson and I were trying to figure out which summer movie poster we'd loooove to get as an exclusive on JoBlo.com, as we prepped to launch our massive new PIMPIN' POSTER PALACE section of the site. A quick glance over the summer movies and the answer was clear: THE EXPENDABLES!! We proceeded to ask Lionsgate for the scoop, but alas...we were told that it wouldn't be ready in time for our launch a couple of weeks ago. Sad were we. But then today we got news that Lionsgate got the poster and was cool enough to give it to us anyway, so here you go folks: the final one-sheet for the August 13th release of THE EXPENDABLES, starring all of the names on the poster below (& more)!

Scroll a little further down to check out the film's latest trailer, which premiered on IGN. You can also visit THE EXPENDABLES Facebook page or the film's official site @ www.expendablesthemovie.com.

-- click poster to see HIGH RES version --

-- click poster to see HIGH RES version --

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