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Exclusive: Trailer and poster debut for indie comedy Bad Roomies!


Who doesn't enjoy a good, sexy, romcom now and again? Well, that's what's in store with BAD ROOMIES, a fun little indie comedy that stars none other than THE SANDLOT's Patrick Renna as one of three roomates (the others played by Tommy Savas and Annie Monroe) that gets involved in a tryst when they consumate their otherwise rent-sharing relationship. Today, we have the exclusive first trailer for the film, which looks to be a fun romcom romp.

"You don't know anything about her. Girls are crazy."

Here's the synopsis:

Roommate comedy about two guys who are searching for a third roommate and finally they settle on an apparently harmless and beautiful girl. All goes well despite a simmering rivalry until one mistake that starts them on a downward spiral. A hilarious game of roommate vs roommate.

I quote Patrick Renna's signature THE SANDLOT line almost once a day ("You're killin' me, Smalls!), so he's got a lifetime of respect for that alone, but it's cool to see him doing his thing and moving onto other projects. BAD ROOMIES has got some great energy from this trailer and I'd see it just to watch Renna tripping on 'shrooms, if not for Annie Monroe's bedroom eyes. We all have our weaknesses.

BAD ROOMIES hits iTunes/VOD on December 1st! You can preorder HERE!

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