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Exclusive 1:1 interview with Maria Bello from Prisoners

2 years agoby:
I've been a fan of Maria Bello's for a long time- back from her time on a short-lived Scott Bakula spy-show, MR & MRS. SMITH, to her amazing work in movies like THE COOLER, WORLD TRADE CENTER, and A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. She's truly emerged as one of the most talented actresses of her generation, and just seems to get better and better.

Denis Villeneuve's PRISONERS is a departure for her. I'm more accustomed to seeing her in tough roles, like her turn on PRIME SUSPECT, but in this this, she plays arguably the most delicate person in the film. As Hugh Jackman's on-screen wife, her character goes to pieces after the abduction of her daughter, and spends most of the film in some kind of emotional agony. It's a fairly exhausting role for Bello, and I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to sit down with her at TIFF where we discussed the various challenges of the part, both physical and otherwise.



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7:55AM on 09/17/2013
Such a beautiful and talented actress. She was fantastic in 'Downloading Nancy'.
Such a beautiful and talented actress. She was fantastic in 'Downloading Nancy'.
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