Expendables updates

I don't know if it's the luck of the update schedule, or my own exaggerated interest in the project, but I seem to have become JoBlo's point man for updates regarding THE EXPENDABLES. Okay with me!

Todays tidbits -- or maybe we should call them steak tips, considering the amount of beef in this flick -- include a bunch of new snaps from the set over at Coming Soon, mostly featuring writer-director-star (and ripped senior citizen) Sly Stallone performing a stunt on a pier. Check 'em out HERE. More over at Spoiler TV.

Meanwhile, m'boy Clint's crew over at Moviehole sez that MMA fighters the Nogueria Brothers and Lyoto Machida have also been invited to lend their pugilism skillset to the production.

Also, it appears that actor Eric Roberts is updating via blog (he's already been shot at by Jason Statham). And don't forget to follow updates on Twitter.

Extra Tidbit: I hope Sly includes at least one shot of him running in slo-mo from a billowing fireball, to pay homage to his own action output from the 80s and 90s.
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