Experience the battle of the lion vs. the tuna in these clips for The Other Guys

A film that looks like it might tickle the funny bone is THE OTHER GUYS.

You've got to love the team up of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It's nice to see Wahlberg in a goofy comedy. I haven't seen him use his comedic chops since THE HAPPENING. Bah-Zing!

Another person I'm looking forward to seeing in this film is Michael Keaton. I want a Keaton comeback. I think with this and TOY STORY 3, it might be time for Keaton to get in some other good shit. I'd like to see him in a role other than father of some actress from a terrible WB sitcom.

Today, Sony sent over four new clips from the film. To check out the other two head on over here.

Extra Tidbit: Watching Wahlberg in FEAR just makes me cringe. Also, everytime I hear "Wild Horses" I think of that damn rollercoaster scene.
Source: Sony Pictures



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