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Explode with laughter while watching this reel from The Other Guys


It's almost time for THE OTHER GUYS to release in theaters.

I'm seriously ready for the movie to come out. This exclusive reel from The Sun put me over the edge after I watched it. There's so much funny stuff in this one video. Plus, there's this one part where Mark Wahlberg comes onto Eva Mendes and I did not at all expect it. Another thing I got excited about was the quick flash of Michael Keaton.

Also, did anyone else also notice how Damon Wayons Jr. is almost an exact clone of his father? I wonder if Damon Wayans is like, "Son, I can't carry on the legacy, it's your turn. Time to bring back Homie the Clown." Or BLANKMAN...hey, it could happen. To check out the video, click on the screencap below.

Extra Tidbit: Damon Wayans is the only Wayans that I miss.
Source: The Sun



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