Explore the origins of Prometheus with this new featurette and TV spot

PROMETHEUS is a month away and the buzz just keeps building and building. To me, when Guillermo Del Toro killed AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS because he felt PROMETHEUS was already treading the same ground, I felt that was the pinnacle of endorsements for Ridley Scott's non-ALIEN prequel.

But, with plenty of time to grab every remaining human who hasn't already had their attention grabbed by the ominous trailers, here is a new featurette entitled "Origins," offering more behind the scenes knowledge about the movie and the topics it will explore.

If that featurette is not enough, here is a new TV spot entitled "Agenda". I have gotten into a mode of fast-forwarding my DVR through all commercials and rarely stop unless it is a movie related spot that I have never seen. But, with PROMETHEUS, it seems that almost every time I see a commercial it features slightly new footage that I may not have glimpsed before.

I love every single thing Fox has done to market PROMETHEUS. At this point, they could have breakfast cereals, candy bars, clothing, and commemorative coins for the movie and I would buy each and every single one.

PROMETHEUS opens in 30 days.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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