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Extract TV Spots

Aug. 14, 2009by: Tony Lang

<a href=EXTRACT poster" width="203" height="300" />

What better way to close out a roller coaster summer of equal marvels and disappointments then with the latest Mike Judge big screen comedy? That thing couldn't look better if it tried, just like its co-star Mila Kunis!

While September 4th takes its time before coming around and letting us enjoy EXTRACT preview page on JoBlo" href="../upcomingmovies/movies.php?id=3163" target="_blank">EXTRACT in theaters, 4 new TV spots have made their way online; the film looks just as funny in 30-second promos as it does in full-trailer mode. Only one question though: What's with the Affleck hippie look? I know the guy needs to change his image, but that is seriously weird.... But hey - it's a Mike Judge film, so anything goes!

Have a peek at one of those spots right down there, while the rest can be viewed OVER HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Self-respecting OFFICE SPACE fans owe it to themselves to watch the Justice League Version.
Source: Trailer Addict

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