Eye spy a new poster for Saw 3D

Now that SAW VII has done away with the numbers and is just SAW 3D, it appears all the marketing is going to be focused on that extra dimension. At least it turned out that yes, “The traps comes alive” is the tagline and not part of the title as I first was told.

Below is the first poster from SAW 3D, and if you click on it, you can see a 3D motion poster version of it over at Bloody Disgusting, that I have to admit it sort of cool. But just because of the effect, not because of the giant eye with crap coming out of it that almost looks like an advertisement for DESPICABLE ME.

After Saw 3D, what are they going to call the next one? SAW 3D 2? I really think they should have just stuck with the Roman numerals. I might actually break my pledge of abstinence for 3D for this one (I swore never to return until it stops being shitty, which will be awhile), because I really am curious to see what kind of 3D traps there will be. Damn you studios and your marketing!

Extra Tidbit: I hate Jigsaw's stand-in Hoffman, he's the most boring horror movie villain ever.



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