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Facebook's Holmes game



Can't wait to see RDJ become the greatest sleuth on screen this coming December? Warner has the solution to help you sustain the wait: play their Facebook game, 'cause there ain't enough crap on that darn thing already. Yeah, not a big Facebook fan...

SHERLOCK HOLMES has a new interactive game for you to play with your social-networking friends where you can gang up to be Sherlock and Watson solving awesome mysteries. Like the mystery of why you need to do that on Facebook in the first place.

Starting point is the 221b Homepage where you're first treated to a trailer for the game complete with some shots from the movie, and then sent on your way to register (of course...) and play. Chapters and clues will be added weekly until the film's release, or everybody gets tired of it and goes back to playing Bejeweled. or something. Have fun, I'll be over here, still trying to untangle my slinky.

Extra Tidbit: What the heck IS Bejeweled anyway?
Source: Latino Review



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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