Famous people sorta discuss the video game Heavy Rain

I haven't played the cinematic new videogame HEAVY RAIN (or a half-dozen recent games I've purchased and haven't had time to play), but apparently it's a uniquely life-altering button-pressing experience. That's probably exaggerating, but the game has clicked up an 88 rating on Metacritic so far (less from users), so it's striking a chord with quite a few.

Feeding into that hyperbole and melodrama are some notable names like filmmakers Neil LaBute and Chris Weitz, and actors Sam Jackson and Ben Chaplin, who weigh in on the game's profound emotional themes in IGN's video below.

If you're unfamiliar with HEAVY RAIN, you can also check out a trailer down there, and here's the synopsis: How Far Will You Go To Save Someone You Love? Experience a gripping psychological thriller filled with innumerable twists and turns, where choices and actions can result in dramatic consequences. Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as the Origami Killer - named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper shapes at crime scenes. Four characters, each following their own leads and with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently you can (or have to) perform a lap dance when playing a female character in the game.
Source: IGN



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