Fan sketches of Captain America costume!

Last Friday, I posted a description of the CAPTAIN AMERICA costume after I was able to see how it would look in the film. Sadly I was unable to pass along any photographic evidence and had to rely on words to describe how it would look. That could at times get confusing but a few artistic JoBlo.com readers have stepped in to help out with their interpretations!

Below I've posted three of the best submissions. They're all pretty close to what I saw though everyone seems to have the straps a little off. The helmet on the first sketch below is actually shockingly accurate with the only difference being that you can't see Cap's ear in the film's costume.

Check out the fanart below and if you feel inspired to create, you can post below or drop me an e-mail.

Extra Tidbit: I'm trying to get clearance to post an actual photo (or some pre-production art) but don't hold your breath.
Source: JoBlo.com



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