Fanboys love Batman

If you're writing for a profession, I can almost guarantee you've gotten some hate mail. And if you're writing on the internet for a profession, I'm sure you've gotten a LOT of hate mail. I've gotten plenty and so has everyone who has worked on this site, but I never received a legitimate death threat. That's exactly what Keith Uhlich, a freelance writer for Slant, UGO and The Reeler, received after he posted a negative review of THE DARK KNIGHT. Uhlich says in his review, among other things, that Christopher Nolan "fancies himself a magician, but he’s more of a high-minded con artist." That didn't sit well with Bat fans who, according to Film Brain have been flaming Uhlich on the Rotten Tomatoes message boards. One post, which has since been deleted, says:

You know, some people have been so enraged by your little opinion piece that they want you to kill yourself. Please DON'T!!! You know why, because I am going to have so much fun killing you myself! I promise, it WON'T be painless. I am going to carve a smile in your face. And then I am going to carve you stomach. And you know why? Because i just want my phone call. You're my bitch now! I am going to track you down through your IP address and then I am going to [email protected]#%!%* kill you!!!

Wow. That's a level of intensity that fans of TITANIC never had. What drives people to want to gut another person for not liking a movie they liked? There is an interesting article on internet trolls at The New York Times that deals with some of these issues. Seriously people - THE DARK KNIGHT was a great, great movie, but it was just a movie. Don't try the disappearing pencil trick at home kids...

Extra Tidbit: Just.....WOW.
Source: Film Brain



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