Fangoria films?

Is it a conflict of interest when a magazine or other similar news publication, decides to get into the very business it's reporting on? Like if, say, Rolling Stone decided to put out its own record label? I suppose it's no different than TimeWarner owning both CNN and Warner Bros. I bring this all up to discuss the news that horror/genre mag Fangoria has decided to launch its own film label. Fangoria Films is working with talent agency CAA to broker a financing deal that would net them $100 million to produce three to four films per year. The studio will be run by former Paramount and New Line exec Brian Witten. Now doesn't this mean that Fango films would get priority treatment at the mag's various conventions, in their mag, on their site, their radio program, etc.? Would their critics review their own films knowing that their boss (Tony Timpone) is also the producer of the film? I'm sure they've got some plans on how to avoid this conflict but I'd just love to hear it directly from them. Does this bother anyone? Am I just a crotchety old man complaining cause it's Monday morning?

Extra Tidbit: The first cover boy for Fangoria (back in 1979) was Godzilla.
Source: Variety



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