Fans in Hobbit?

Guillermo Del Toro chatted with MTV about HELLBOY II the other day, and as usual meandered on to the subject of future projects. And in the process they managed to unearth this little nugget:

“I believe as the film comes to happen, in either of the two films, [fans] have a good chance of being there... Sleep with a lot of people if you can! That’s a very good piece of advice. But don’t bribe anyone. It will be wasted money... We will set some rules and some contests and some fans will definitely get the chance of being extras. Go and apply for those roles!”

So there you have it: if all of that Azlan is on the move! And Gimli, son of Gloin stuff does it for you, your dreams might just be about to come true! Of course if you do win that opportunity it's likely you'll be playing a random background dwarf or something, so don't expect to be swimming in Hollywood poon. Unless there's some kind of sexy dwarf underworld over there. Because in that case, strap up, baby!
Extra Tidbit: Agent John Meyers was written out of HELLBOY II. Good move, I think.
Source: MTV



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