Fantastic Four poster

Everyone's talking about the trilogy sequels that will be coming out this summer including SHREK 3, SPIDER-MAN 3, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 and OCEAN'S 13 (yeah, I'm not counting RUSH HOUR 3, got a problem with that?), but there are a bunch of regular sequels coming out as well, including the SILVER SURFER movie -- oops, I mean the sequel to FANTASTIC FOUR entitled FANTASTIC FOUR: THE RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, whose latest TV SPOT actually made it look pretty damn kick-ass! (for a Silver Surfer movie) Either way, it's to note that FF2 is one of this summer's tent-pole flicks, to be released on June 15th and featuring Jessica friggin' Alba in a very tight outfit! Surfer. Alba. A man with rocks as testicles (the Arrow?). I'm there!! Below is the film's latest (and possibly final) poster...

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Extra Tidbit: Jessica Alba has been dating a guy named "Cash" for a couple of years now. I'm officially changing my name to "Moolah". I wonder if that will help my chances any.
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