Fantastic Four reboot has three rumored director options

Well, we heard a bunch of casting rumors the other day for the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, so why not a bunch of director possibilities today?

ComicBookMovie claims they have the inside scoop and says that James McTeigue (NINJA ASSASSIN, V FOR VENDETTA), Joe Carnahan (SMOKIN ACES, THE A-TEAM and David Yates (HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, DEATHLY HALLOWS) are the three current options being considered to helm the reboot

If we're choosing from those, I would say that Carnahan could probably give them they action packed style they're looking for, though I personally would love to see what McTeigue would do with the characters. I may have hated NINJA ASSASSIN, but i do like the man's style.

CBM also says that Bruce Willis is in talks to voice the entirely CGI Thing. I still can't decide if it's better or worse for him to be CGI or not, as I keep flashing back to the horrific looking Hulk we've seen for two movies, but I guess stone is probably easier to render than skin.

As for the other parts, the man with the world's best agent, Adrien Brody is being considered for Reed Richards, and up and coming hottie Alice Eve might play his wife. Or it might be Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Amber Heard, who kinows. None of that is definite yet either.

As Dave Davis pointed out last time, this movie is really only getting made so the studio doesn't lose the rights, so I don't expect it to be any good, but at least it looks like they're trying to make a decent effort out of it, as ill-conceived as the idea itself might be.

Extra Tidbit: Have Chris Evans play all of them. I'd watch that.
Source: ComicBookMovie



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