Fantastic new Bond?

I know it’s a little early to be talking about who the next James Bond will be since Daniel Craig just started what is likely to be a bull-headed yet brilliant run as 007. But who doesn’t love all-out, irresponsible speculation? Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud) recently spoke to The Daily Express and had this to say about filling Craig’s shoes:

“Maybe in seven years’ time when Daniel is done and tired of it and can retire a very rich man then maybe I could step into his shoes. I think he’s been absolutely brilliant as James Bond. I thought he was superb. He just nailed it.”

Sounds like he’s smooching Craig’s behind so that when the time comes, Daniel will put the good word in. What do you guys think about Gruffud as a possible Bond, or am I just crazy to be even talking about this one month after CASINO ROYALE came out on dvd?

Extra Tidbit: Gruffud's finacee actress Alice Evans had an 8 year relationship with Olivier Picasso, grandson of painter Pablo Picasso.
Source: Cinematical



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