Faris, Hader and Forte rumored to be trying out Ghostbusting

At this point I'm pretty much taking anything I hear about GHOSTBUSTERS 3 with a dumptruck of salt, but I'm really just glad to be writing a post about it that doesn't include Bill Murray complaining about how the project is ill-conceived (even though I believe it is).

But here's a fresh batch of casting rumors that DON'T list any of Judd Apatow's crew as lined up to start ghosbusting. Rather a source from FFA says that Anna Faris has been circling a role as a new recruit, with a Sony rep saying he's heard SNL alum Bill Hader and Will Forte are up for parts as well.

Is Dan Akroyd going to his old place of work for a cast for this? I'm not sure if I'd prefer a Hader/Forte combo over a Rogen/Baruchel, and actually none of the above is probably my final answer, as I'm generally as enthused as Bill Murray about this project.

Faris as a Ghostbuster could be interesting, but is she going to be her typical "OMG, how does this proton-thingy work?" type character? Because that could get old pretty fast.

Extra Tidbit: What would be your ideal cast for this, if it has to happen?
Source: FFAWhat's Playing



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