Fast and Furious plus one more sequel equals Fast Five

FAST AND FURIOUS was theoretically going to be the end of the F&F franchise -- a chance to bring back the original stars for one last sweaty nitrous-boosted blowout.

But then the movie made a few hundred million bucks, and so the Paul Walker/Vin Diesel manwich returns for more fuel-injected machine love and barely hidden homoeroticism. The beefcake duo has agreed to come back for yet more octane and testosterone, along with director Justin Lin, writer Chris Morgan and series producer Neal Moritz.

The furiousless sequel FAST FIVE, steering toward a Summer 2011 release, will find the pair of dreamy drivers "as fugitives being pursued by legendary lawmen." Flashy vehicles, exposed flesh and a hip-hop/crap-rock soundtrack will probably also find their way into the mix.

However, the only important question is: will the staggeringly gorgeous Jordana Brewster also return?

Extra Tidbit: Considering Diesel's relatively low profile and Walker's increasing straight-to-DVD status, another slightly gay car movie is probably the best thing for a career boost.
Source: Variety



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