Fast, Furious, again

As much as sensibility tells me I should rip right into the whole FAST AND THE FURIOUS thing, I just can't because I've gotta man up and admit that I enjoy these things. The first one was respectable, I think, and thankfully when the inevitable fourth film is churned out, we're gonna be going back to that formula, since Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will be back. Diesel had the following to say: “I think doing the cameo in ‘Tokyo Drift’ confirmed a lot of things for me. It confirmed that if you create a role that the world kind of identifies with, or the world adopts, sometimes you have that responsibility to revisit that role.” From what I've heard, the script for this might actually be the best of the bunch. Wow, that sounded good in my head until I wrote it and realized the second one was horrible, and the third one was about how you couldn't be in control unless you were out of control. If early reports are to be believed, it will focus on Dom Torreto and Brian O'Conner going under cover to avenge Michelle Rodriguez' character's murder, and that will for some reason involve a lot of car-racing.
Extra Tidbit: Love or hate these films, one thing is absolutely undeniable: they pack a smoking hot leading lady. Nathalie Kelley? Good lord!
Source: MTV



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