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Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm up for another FAST AND THE FURIOUS film with Vin Diesel. I wouldn't be up for another one with Lil Bow Wow. Or one where the opening action sequence features the most annoying of Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor's kids and the coke-whore from The O.C. But with Vin beating people's asses, sure. The foxy Janine over at VinXperience turned me on to a massive collection of pictures they scored of the cars that are gonna be used in the fourth film. And what's better, we've got looks at what the cars looked like before their transformations, so we get to see the process of pimping Toretto and O'Conner's rides. The most exciting part of this film is still gonna be what lovely lady is gonna join the pantheon of hot FATF chicks, but the sweet rides run a close second. I particularly like that Ghost Rider looking thing they've got going on. It's like it's on fire!
Extra Tidbit: Where did Jordana Brewster go?
Source: VinXperience



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