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Fast, Furious trailer!


About halfway through this new trailer for FAST AND FURIOUS, Paul Walker turns to Vin Diesel and says with a steely glare, "A lot has changed." Uhhhh no, not really. It's been eight years since the original FAST AND THE FURIOUS and we appear to be right back where we started. Same cars, same cast, same plot...hell, they kept the title and just dropped an article or two.

But before I get called out for sippin' on the haterade, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. The 2nd and 3rd FAST/FURIOUS movies tried to change a little too much and wound up being suckier for it. This trailer, and it would appear this movie, give us what we want out of a FAST AND FURIOUS movie. Shit like Vin Diesel revving his engine and gunning a car full speed at a flaming tanker truck that is rolling towards him.

The movie hits theaters this April and you can watch the new trailer below or in HD at Yahoo! Movies.

Extra Tidbit: We'll have some pretty cool FAST AND FURIOUS stuff coming your way soon, I promise.
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