Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

It's time for a little lesson in movie history. Or rather, a chance to watch a really rad trailer featuring some spectacularly well-endowed females, spouting some murderously bad dialogue and bouncing around in some cheesily choreographed fighting scenes. Insert obvious CHARLIE'S ANGELS joke here. The trailer I'm actually talking about is for Russ Meyer's cult classic FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! Some of you may already be familiar with this, others not, but either way, I recently came across the trailer for it on Youtube and think it's worth checking out. It was an inspiration for Tarantino's DEATH PROOF and is one of his favourite movies of all time. There are references to this film all across the pop culture spectrum, so it couldn't hurt to acquaint ourselves with a droplet of culture, even if that culture does involve girls with big boobies who beat people up. Check out the trailer BELOW because they certainly don't make them like this no mo'.
Extra Tidbit: Remeber the Spice Girls' second video, for that song 'Say You'll Be There', where they're driving fast cars in the desert and dancing in latex? You don't? Well look that one up too. You'll then see where it took its inspiration from. (Hint: from the trailer you just watched.)
Source: Youtube



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