Fat Albert film halted

After what's being chalked up to "creative conflicts" between creator Bill Cosby and the director of the new live-action film Forest Whitaker, Fox has halted pre-production on FAT ALBERT.  Cosby, who wrote the script with Charles Kipps, seems to have won the battle as Whitaker has now departed his role as director leaving the film "on hiatus."  Fox is currently evaluating whether the film can start up with another director behind the camera.  No word on exactly what caused the rift but a Fox spokesperson said, "it's just about directionally seeing the movie differently."  The film was to be an odd mix of traditional animation, CGI-animation and live-action in a plot that confused the hell out of me.  Something to the effect of, Fat Albert leaves the television world (where he existed in 2D animation) for the real world (where he's live-action) but he must return to the cartoon world or else he'll die.  When he returns he's then in CGI-animation.  I've tried to wrap my feable brain around this plot for sometime and it always slips out like a wet bar of soap.  The film was scheduled to be released this Christmas.

Source: Variety
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