Fatboy poster

Check out the brand new poster for David Schwimmer's directorial debut, starring Simon Pegg, RUN, FATBOY, RUN! Click HERE to check it out in all it's glory.

The film stars Simon Pegg as Dennis, a chunky, uninspired loser who gets cold feet and dumps his hot girlfriend, Libby (Thandie Newton) on their wedding day. Nice. After the crazy fog lifts, he finally decides to win her back from her new, wealthy fella, Whit (Hank Azaria), but first he has to get in shape and win a marathon to prove to Libby that he's a changed man.

I have high hopes for this movie, basically because I'm English and we like to support our own no matter what. That said though, I'm still unconvinced about Simon Pegg. Saying he's a little funny is usually like saying Hendrix was a little awesome. But when he's rolled with David Schwimmer in the past, I haven't been impressed (BIG NOTHING). Here's hoping it's more of the hilarious Simon Pegg this time around.

Extra Tidbit: Pegg is godfather to Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin's child, Apple.
Source: Cinematical



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