Favorite rumor of all-time: Tracy Morgan reboots Jaws

I read this late last night on Twitter and I literally did a spit take I laughed so hard. I've heard a lot of ridiculous things in my time in this asylum we call the interwebz but this easily takes the cake. According to a "source" at Cinema Blend, Universal is looking to reboot JAWS. In 3D. With Tracy Morgan taking over the Richard Dreyfuss role. I will now step aside and let you ride in the ROFL-copter for a few minutes.

This is a concept so inherently ridiculous that were it actually true, I don't even think I could be mad at Universal. I'd probably hop on the next flight to Los Angeles and run through the Universal offices giving high-fives to everyone I saw until my hand was sore. Because really...if you're going to do something as stupid as rebooting JAWS in the first place, you might as well just go completely batshit insane with it. I mean is casting Tracy Morgan as Matt Hooper any more annoying than if they cast Seth Rogen or something? If anything, I'd be less annoyed by it. I think Jon Bon Jovi taught me this once but if you're going to go down, you might as well go down in a blaze of glory.

So no, JAWS is not getting rebooted. It is not going to be in 3D and it certainly will not star Tracy Morgan. Because while Hollywood likes to sometimes act insane, it's not actually as insane as this idea. But thank you, you anonymous source because I truly appreciated the laugh.

Extra Tidbit: This has to be the plot of an episode of "30 Rock" at some point.
Source: Cinema Blend



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