Favreau is Foggy?

I'm imagining the trailer now.  We've got trailer-guy doing the voiceover - "Ben Affleck...Colin Farrell...Michael Clarke Duncan...Jennifer Garner...and Jon Favreau...This February...Justice. Is. Blind."  Then the big red DAREDEVIL title card flashes on the screen.  Sweeeeet.

So I got an e-mail from 'Jeremy' last night who alerted me to the news that AICN was reporting Jon Favreau was cast as Foggy Nelson in DAREDEVIL.   Couldn't be happier.  Not only does he fit the part well, he can play a good second-banana and he's got a mean sense of humor.  This is all shaping up so nicely isn't it?  I haven't read the script yet, but I know people who have and I've heard nothing but fantastic things about it.  And did anyone hear that Cuba Gooding, Jr. was pissed off he wasn't considered for the role of Daredevil?  That's kinda weird.   Maybe he should cut out the RAT RACE and SNOW DOGS crap and he could get a meeting with the director.  You can't blame it on the color factor cause obviously that wasn't a problem for this production with the casting of Duncan as The Kingpin.   Anyways, let's all mark our calendars and pray that Ben looks good in red tights.

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