Favs set for Iron 2!

It was beginning to look a little bleak for a while there on the prospects of Jon Favreau returning for IRON MAN 2. He was upset at Marvel for stalling and low-balling him. Marvel was upset at him for taking negotiations public. Favreau was upset Marvel announced a release date he felt was unattainable. Marvel was stalling and low-balling him. So things were not going well. But at the end of the day, you kinda knew that things were going to get worked out and sure enough they have. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Favreau has closed his deal to direct IRON MAN 2. Considering Favreau's initial hesitations and Robert Downey, Jr.'s commitment to SHERLOCK HOLMES, the May, 2010 release date looks like it might get pushed back though I wouldn't set anything in stone. Favreau was looking more at the three-year break model set out by SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN that would put IRON MAN 2 in theaters in 2011. So Favs is back and Downey, Jr. is set and now all we need to do is find a formidable villain. Any ideas?...

Extra Tidbit: I'm guessing the villainous Unicorn is out of the equation?



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