Feldman's Splatter

It's exactly how the title describes it.

The wonderfully, cheeseball Corey Feldman is starring in a Netflix original called, SPLATTER. Yes, Netflix original. The company that usually rents out movies is starting their own little side project.

This side project strangely enough is being directed by Joe Dante (GREMLINS, The BURBS) and produced by Roger Corman (DEATH RACE, ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL). Feldman had this to say about his secret SPLATTER on his personal blog, "So the project we are doing is a very scary exciting one. This has all been top secret for some time now, and I am finally able to leak out some information. I cannot tell you everything as there are still some restrictions until next week. But heres what I can tell you. We are joined together by the power of Netflix. The project is titled “Splatter” and is being created for Netflix. This will be their first ever live streaming web series. Splatter will be a multi episode web series that will go live on the web on Halloween weekend. My characters name is Jonny Splatter."

No jokes here people, the Feldmeister is ready for yet another close up. When Dante and Corman decided to team up for the project they both had Corey in mind for the lead. I did not have the guts to pick up LOST BOYS 2, but did watch an episode of the lovely DARK REALM with host Eric Roberts. The episode had Feldman in it, and centers around him picking up this guitar that kills Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) but makes him a guitar God. The hilarity ensues from there.

Anywho, I've provided you with the teaser that is definitely NSFW or children. Just click on ol' Johnny Splatter.

Extra Tidbit: My luck Feldman is probably reading this right now and getting butthurt because I said he was cheeseball. Dude, it's meant in a good way. I had a crush on you because of DREAM A LITTLE DREAM and I watched THE TWO COREYS on A&E.
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