Ferrell in for RDJ?

There aren't many movies where Will Ferrell could step in to replace Robert Downey, Jr. or Brad Pitt to replace Ben Stiller but that's what is awesome about the world of animation. Ferrell and Pitt have signed on to voice characters in the upcoming DreamWorks animated superhero flick OOBERMIND replacing the previously cast Downey and Stiller. Tina Fey, who was announced with Downey and Stiller, remains involved with the production. The film follows Oobermind (Ferrell), a supervillain who kills his archnemesis Metro Man (Pitt). Bored by his new life without an adversary, he attempts to create a new superhero named Titan. But when he turns evil, Oobermind must reevaluate which side he fights on. A new addition to the film is Jonah Hill who will be playing hero/villain Titan.

As is often said, the voice work is done before a good chunk of the animation for the film. With OOBERMIND due for release in about a year's time, I have to believe that Downey and Stiller at least partly recorded their voice work for the film. So what went wrong? Did they rewrite the script? Did they decide to play the film "funnier" and go for a more comedic actor (though to be fair, Downey is a pretty fucking funny dude). Interesting development...

Extra Tidbit: Pitt, Ferrell, Fey and Hill would make a great live-action film together.
Source: Variety



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