Ferrell looks Lost

It’s a relief to see Will Ferrell in a non-sports spoof role, especially after just about review I read on SEMI-PRO called the formula tired and used. Had it come before any other Ferrell sports comedies, it might have been praised. So these first pictures of Will Ferrell in the adventure fantasy LAND OF THE LOST bring me some reprieve. It’s nice to see Will do normal again. Because Will can do normal, especially normal caught in the extraordinary. Remember STRANGER THAN FICTION?

Directed by Brad Silberling (A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS), the film follows Ferrell who plays a disgrace paleontologist who is banished to work in the La Brea Tar Pits until a young scientist (Anna Friel) convinces him to go on an expedition that will lead them to a land filled with dinosaurs and monkey people. Click on the pic to see more.

Extra Tidbit: Is Ferrell smoking in that third picture and is that part of the shoot? Or is he a smoker.
Source: JFX



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