Ferrell Must Go

After trying to launch a big-budget adventure franchise in LAND OF THE LOST and not faring all so well, Will Ferrell is going indie. Ferrell has signed on to star in the $10 million indie comedy/drama EVERYTHING MUST GO for writer/director Dan Rush. The film follows a man who's wife kicks him out of the house and puts all of his belongings on the front yard. Looking to finally move on with his life, he spends the rest of the week living on the front lawn and selling all his stuff in a yard sale.

The script, based on a story by Raymond Carver, was on 2009's "Black List" as one of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood. Ferrell caught word and met with Rush, who impressed him with his vision for the film. I've had the script for a while and honestly been too lazy or busy to read it but this afternoon, I'm finally gonna give it a spin. Ferrell is currently in New York City filming his next comedy THE OTHER GUYS with Mark Wahlberg. Production is scheduled to begin on GO next March.

Extra Tidbit: I couldn't find any of Rush's previous directing work in commercials online. Anyone else having any luck?
Source: Variety



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