Ferrell out of Hood

Will Ferrell and director David Dobkin have reportedly bailed on Fox’s NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. The film is about a city-dweller who moves to the suburbs and…wait for it, uncovers an alien conspiracy. I’m betting that’s not what you thought the end of that sentence would be.

No word on why the duo left the film, though Dobkin did recently submit revisions to Jared Stern’s script. The project isn’t dead, but now has to start over more or less from scratch as it’s out one director and one overworked movie star.

Is Ferrell suffering from “goofy man fatigue” after his latest, LAND OF THE LOST, failed to deliver despite its previously working formula of Ferrell + cluelessness? Maybe he caught a glimpse of Simon Pegg’s PAUL and realized his alien comedy just couldn’t compete. Whatever the case, he’s on to greener pastures, ones that hopefully involve wearing a mustache and burgundy suit once again…

Extra Tidbit: In addition to ANCHORMAN 2, let’s hope Todd Phillips’ HANGOVER success hasn’t made him forget about OLD SCHOOL DOS where we’re all waiting to witness the return of Frank the Tank.
Source: Variety



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