Ferrell vs. Wild

UPDATE: A preview clip of the previously announced episode of "Man vs. Wild" with Will Ferrell can be found at the bottom, below the original report.

4.15.09 - Bushy comic (and occasionally serious) actor Will Ferrell is taking a rafting expedition to an alternate prehistoric dimension this summer in LAND OF THE LOST, but he's also going on a trip where the dangers aren't just CGI and/or latex creatures.

Ferrell will guest star on an episode of Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild", set to air in June. Ferrell will join the show's adventurous and unlikely-named host Bear Grylls in the far north of Sweden where together they (SPOILER?) "find food in the forest, improvise snow shoes and drink their own urine" and "eat reindeer eyeballs." Is that something you want to miss?

We can probably also expect to see Ferrell running around shirtless during the show, since it seems to be some kind of contractual obligation even though it's not really funny.

Extra Tidbit: Ferrell isn't the only big star doing reality TV -- Steven Seagal (who is pretty big) has an upcoming show on A&E.
Source: Variety



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