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With ANCHORMAN and following up with TALLADEGA NIGHTS, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have given us two films in what they regard The Mediocre American Man Trilogy. Patrick recently alerted us to a Wikipedia entry that has a pretty detailed and pretty spoilerific synopsis of the final installment in that decidedly un-epic trilogy, BOOBY TRAP: THE TALE OF RUSTY BUTTE. Read a spoilery excerpt below and, if you don't mind the spoilerations, click on Ferrell or McKay to read the rest. In the meantime, check out Ferrell in the ice skating comedy BLADES OF GLORY.

Ferrell plays Russell O’Brien an awkward child of a devoutly Irish Catholic family in the South Side of Boston. Somehow, he ends up garnering the love of the prettiest, most popular girl in school, Cassandra Newcastle. However, when he is caught having sex with the school slut Tonya Hand, she leaves him. Rumors begin to swirl about Rusty’s enormous penis size. The school slut’s father, a pornographer named Horace Hand played by David Koechner, hears these stories and convinces a dejected Rusty to enter the low-levl porno industry. Juggling school, a regular job as a bike messenger, and filming porno proves too much, and eventually Rusty is exposed to his family as a porn actor when his grandfather views one of his videos. Disowned by his family, Rusty is taken in by Hand and is flown to Los Angeles, changes his name to Rusty Butte and begins his porn career in earnest…

Will Ferrell Adam McKay

Extra Tidbit: In all three films, Ferrell plays a character with the initials R.B.
Source: Wikipedia



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