Ferrigno on Hulk

Lou Ferrigno, the huge fella that played the HULK back before CGI and Gamma dogs arrived, has revealed that he has a cameo in the upcoming 'reboot' being directed by Louis Leterrier. He also took a little time to talk to MTV about the project. "I was in the movie. I just finished filming... It’s a spectacular movie. Very impressive.” And on his opinion of Ed Norton playing Bruce Banner? “We talked about it. I believe he rewrote the script because he’s very involved with the character... He’s not just doing another movie, he wanted to be involved with the character. I think that’s going to bring it to the next level.” As soon as Ed Norton took this role, THE INCREDIBLE HULK has shot into being one of my most anticipated movies of next year. I honestly can't see this being anything other than awesome. And hey, even in the off chance it isn't great, at least we get to look at Liv Tyler (who plays old flame Betty Ross) for a couple of hours, right? Tim Roth co-stars as the villainous 'Abomination' in the film which follows Banner as he searches for an antidote to his condition.
Extra Tidbit: Winning it at age 20, Ferrigno is the youngest person to ever win the 'Mr Universe' title.
Source: MTV



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