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Ferris Bueller: psycho


The John Hughes flick FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF has proven to be a resilient and beloved comedy from the 80s.

And why shouldn't it? After all, it's about a charming high school kid locking horns with "the man" (that dastardly Principal Rooney) while demonstrating just how much pure fun can be jammed into a single day, thereby giving vicarious thrills to viewers, fellow teens and the young at heart.

Of course, that depends on perspective. For example, another way of looking at it would be to delineate our "hero" to his true nature: psychopath. That's what they've done over at Ruthless Reviews, giving a rather compelling hypothesis that the strong personality traits displayed by young Ferris (aggressive narcissism, social deviancy, criminal versatility, etc.) fall more in line with the criteria of textbook psychopath than mischievous student.

Sure it's reading a lot into a theoretically innocuous comedy, but I'm convinced -- it will certainly make for interesting viewing the next time the movie's on cable. Decide for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of perspective, I've always considered THE TERMINATOR a love story. At the very least, that label has helped convince past girlfriends to watch it...



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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