Fey teams with Gervais

The other day we pointed you towards Ricky Gervais’ production blog for THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH, which he is writing, directing, and starring in. Now said blog has beaten the trades at their own game by announcing four new cast additions, and they’re big. Tina Fey. This means that two of the greatest comedy writers of our time are teaming up on a project. Fey knows a funny script, so expect laughs. Also, Jeffery Tambor, who played Bluth Sr. on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, as well as Christopher Guest (one of Ricky’s idols) and John Hodgman, from THE DAILY SHOW and THIS AMERICAN LIFE, but who you may know as the PC to Justin Long’s Mac, in those never-ending Apple commercials. They join already-signed Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Rob Lowe, and Louis CK, in what is one of the best comedy casts in recent years. The film, as we know, follows a history prof (Gervais) who invents the concept of lying, and starts to use it to his advantage, particularly in the romance department.
Extra Tidbit: Who is funnier? Gervais or Fey?



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