FF2 surfs MySpace

With the unprecedented hype generated by SPIDER-MAN 3 and the ludicrous amount of attention THE DARK KNIGHT is already gathering, another upcoming superhero flick is sort of getting brushed aside, namely FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. But the movie will have plenty of new friends very soon -- the shiny CGI guy has joined MySpace!

Marvel's superpowered sequel, which stars Jessica Alba and several people who are not Jessica Alba, arrives in theaters on June 15, when SPIDER-MAN 3 will probably still be clinging to a good percentage of screens. To build a bit more awareness than just an Alba in skintight attire can provide, the Fox flick has launched a new page on the unsightly but unavoidable zeitgeist blight known as MySpace, where the film will no doubt be embraced by the grammatically challenged masses, OMG definately!!!1.

Several brand new photos of Jessica Alba (looking quite different from FF1) and a bunch of dudes can be found at the FF MySpace page RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Why is it the RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER anyway? Was he underground? Shouldn't it be the ARRIVAL OF THE SILVER SURFER or something? Ah, who cares about the title, as long as the movie has Alba.



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