Fiennes directs Butler

Fiennes hates Telemarketers...

Should I feel ashamed to have never heard of a Shakespeare play called "Coriolanus" (GREAT title there, Will) or proud that I traded most of my Lit classes for Poolhouse-101?

Whatever that play is about, and apparently it's about Romans, Ralph Fiennes is stepping behind cameras for the first time to film a modern take on it and is currently trying to sell the pitch at this year's AFM. To sweeten the pot, he's just announced he himself will be starring opposite the man who likes to dine in Hell, Gerard Butler. Fiennes will play the titular character while Gerry will be a General named...hold on, gotta wake up my spell check... Tullus Aufidius. I often wonder if there ever was a roman named Toysurus.

The indie film scripted by LAST SAMURAI's John Logan is set to begin production in March. William Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave and the impressive Eddie Marsan round up the cast.

Extra Tidbit: Nobody makes Roman-name jokes like Monty Python.



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